Kirsty & Team

Kirsty started the Canine Adventure Den in 2010.


She is a long time dog lover and owner; therefore she has also been a daycare client in Vancouver for many years. As a consumer of the dog daycare industry as well as working for multiple daycares and boarding facilities in Vancouver, she noticed that something was missing.


Many of the daycares in Vancouver are ordinary and do not have play equipment that is exciting and stimulating for dogs and most expect the dogs to play amongst themselves. For this reason she created the Adventure Den! A daycare for dogs to have fun, wrestle and run. With fake rocks, trees and artificial grass. A fun and bright environment for staff and dogs.





We strive to provide the best and happiest daycare in Vancouver!

  • We want every animal in our care to have the  best day, everyday.
  • Keeping them stimulated with a variety of play and also lots of down time with rest and napping areas.
  • Excited to start each day with our pack members and love them unconditonally.


Our vision is to help keep Vancouver dogs well socialized

  • Providing a space in Vancouver where dogs can play and learn from one another under the supervision of trained staff.
  • Watching dogs grow up and old with us and being a part of our family.
  • Always striving to be better and learn from every dog in our care.


We value every animal that comes through our door. Every day starts with trust.

  • Animals always come first and understand that every animal is unique.
  • Providing safety, comfort and happiness.
  • Be honest and transparent in everything we do and always do what is best for the animals.


Lindsay is a professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and former Executive Director of an Alberta-based rescue organization, which specialized in the rehabilitation of fearful and aggressive dogs. She also has experience in the veterinary field and has worked at both regular and emergency clinics in the past. Lindsay is a lover of all things four-legged and has quite the zoo at home, including dogs, a hairless cat, rats, birds, a leopard gecko, and a corn snake.


Daycare Supervisor

Andrea has worked at the Adventure Den since April 2015. She is originally from California and has dogs and cats back there, as well as a kitty here, in Vancouver. She loves spending her days with all the dogs here at the Den!


Advanced Daycare Handler

Chelsea has worked at the Den for the last 2 years and will be running our Advanced Daycare for the higher energy dogs who visit. Chelsea is our resident mural artist and just adopted a rescue dog from Korea named Krowe.