Advanced Daycare can benefit dogs of all ages, energy levels, and breeds.  A day with enrichment and mental stimulation as not all dogs benefit from phsical activity.


Puppies: Will benefit from physical and mental stimulation while teaching them new games, tricks and behaviors while releasing their puppy energy.


Senior Dogs: We can help keep your senior dog in great shape by incorporating consistent low impact work outs. This will help keep their muscle mass in their hind legs and hips, strong. Also enjoying nose work games and puzzles keeping their mind sharp.


Shy Dogs: Smaller play groups help them come out of their shell and encourage them to play more and make friends in a less overwhelming environment. As well as bond with our staff and learn to trust.


High Energy & Low Energy dogs: This program will maintain a healthy weight, stronger core. The brain work activities will keep their minds sharp with reinforcing boundaries and building confidence while learning new skills.


How it works:

Dogs will be in with general daycare population for the day, whether that is in Small dog room, puppy room, Big dog room, or the quiet room and they will be bought out of the pack multiple times a day with one or two other dogs who are complimentary partners, making sure they get the most out of their Advanced Daycare program.

This helps break up their day and keep them mentally stimulated with multiple activities and training with rests between. 

 Staff Leaders initiate games with dogs keeping arousal levels low while everyone has fun.

Staff Leaders use verbal cues, body blocking and proactive intervention to manage small group interactions.

Dogs are challenged mentally during games, movement to and from the daycare playgroup and use of leadership exercises.

Staff Leaders spend time interacting with each dog individually and sets dogs up for success by knowing their limits, play styles and help signals.


  • Games
  • Observation Exercises
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Dog Engagement Activities
  • Nose work
  • Basic agility training
  • More rest periods due to extra brain work
  • More one on one specialized care
  • More time with toys

Advanced Daycare Includes:

  • Group Daycare 
  • 10 min 2 dog walk to calm down from group daycare & bond with Leader
  • 30 mins Training with Fun and Games. Fun activities to teach self -control, focus & self- calming.
  • 30 Mins Nose Scent Work Training
  • 15 min Fun swim with Aqua Den Water Therapy
  • 15 min Strength and core training with Chelsea



If you have any questions or want to register please email



Email  for more information and registration.