What is Reactive Rover Class?

This course is for dogs over six months of age with known reactivity (e.g. raised hackles, increased arousal, barking, lunging, or growling, etc.) while on leash. The root of your dog’s reactivity can come from any number of causes such as leash frustration, over-excitement, or even fear of other dogs. For example, your dog may “just want to say hi” but his barking and otherwise inappropriate behaviour puts you and other dogs on-edge. We can help you teach him alternative behaviours to control his reactivity.

Reactive Rover is designed primarily for dog-to-dog reactivity, but the same techniques can be used with other reactivity issues (i.e. reactivity to strangers, bikes, skateboards, etc.). Participants will learn how dogs communicate through body language and examine their relationships with their dogs. Handlers will practice and be coached on strategies to manage their reactive dogs. The classroom setup provides a unique environment in which dogs are visually separated from other dogs and people until they master the skills needed to practice their reactivity prevention work within visual sight of other dogs.The small class size (maximum of four dogs) provides encouragement and a positive learning environment. 

This class is not appropriate for dogs who only exhibit aggression toward other dogs while off-leash, or who exhibit aggression toward people.


All classes are held on Tuesday nights from 8-9 pm. Start dates are listed below and run for five consecutive weeks. There are no classes on statutory holidays (or specific dates as listed).



Dogs who are neutered/spayed and over six months of age. Proof of current vaccinations is required.


$249.00 plus GST.


Class sizes are limited and enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All registrants must submit a Reactive Rover Questionnaire before they can enroll in a class. Once you have submitted a questionnaire, you will be contacted by our staff to confirm enrollment.

Payment is required at time of enrollment and class spots cannot be held without payment. Class fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a class starting on a later date, as long as we are given a minimum of 48 hours' notice. There are no make up classes and no pro-rated fees for missed classes. Orientation attendance is required to attend classes.