• All dogs require an assessment that must be booked prior to being accepted for boarding. The assessment fee is $30.
  • We are not a fancy hotel nor a caged up kennel. We are an open concept Daycare & hostel with a good space, good people and of course good dogs!
  • Our daycare is over 12,000sq ft which doubles for the hostel. Beds and blankets are set up for the dogs to sleep with access to outside where they are able to go to the bathroom throughout the night.
  • Our staff are on hand all night and they sleep with the dogs on their own bunk bed.
  • Dogs are fed separately for all meals and meds can be administered at no extra cost.
  • We do ask you not to bring any toys, bowls or beds as we have plenty here. If you know your dog can be anxious when left then please bring a blanket with a smell of home.
  • Place your dogs name on their food container and the staff will place in their own personal overnight bin with their belongings.
  • Private suites are available should you want your dog to sleep on their own. We also have crates if your dog is trained to sleep in a crate and you want us to keep this training routine.