• New dogs are always welcome!
  • Please book an Assessment with our Lead Dog Handler prior to any daycare or Boarding bookings, this can be booked through your new online account. This is $30.
  • Email on
  • First day is free as a trial day, all new dogs must follow all the requirements and complete the application form and waiver.
  • They can stay for a full day or a half day, we do require for big dogs on their first day to come between 6am-8am as there are less dogs and easier for new dogs to explore the space and meet the pack one by one as they arrive.
  • Do not bring any bowls, toys, beds or blankets as these may be lots or damaged and we have our own. We will not be held liable if you do bring these. Label everything you bring.
  • All dogs Must have City Dog License according to your city ByLaw
  • Please bring in copies of their vaccinations and if you don't have them we can call your vet to confirm. We also accept Titer tests.
  • All male dogs must be netuered by 6 Months.
  • Tours of the daycare are weeknights only from 7:45pm-8pm. No booking needed.

Restricted Breeds
We don’t allow American Staffordshire terriers, American pit bull terriers or Staffordshire bull terriers. We know they are wonderful dogs but in a daycare environment especially at the Adventure Den it can be too overwhelming and exciting for them which excitement can escalate to aggressive behaviors for these breeds. We are willing to meet any dogs who might be mixed but we cannot guarantee that they will be suitable for daycare.