• Hikes are from daycare, home or your work. Going out 3 days a week (Tue-Wed-Thu).
  • Hikes from home pick up will be between 10am-12pm depending on our route and your zone. Hikers from daycare will get back between 3-4pm.
  • Dogs will be free to run, jump, swim and slide on a hike that will last 2-3 hours in all weather conditions. With pick up & drop off a day can be between 4-5 hours. We take 5-8 dogs with us.
  • Our staff are experienced and have been trained in dog first aid. Taking photos and videos during the hike and loaded on to our facebook page during the hike!

* Preferabley Dogs must have attended daycare for minimum 2 weeks.
* All dogs must have their city dog licence.
* Name tags with contact numbers.
* Up to date vaccinations.

* Reliable recall and good off leash manners
* No dogs who show signs of aggression.
* Male dogs must be neutered.

  • Not all dogs do well on hikes so daycare might be a better option should it not work out.