• 500 sq feet of clean & disinfected play area. Puppy Daycare is an awesome way for puppies to socialize and interact in a structured, safe, secure and loving environment.
  • Socialization and puppy training are of utmost importance as puppyhood is the most important and critical time in your dog’s development. Dogs, like children, have a critical learning period. Once past this age, socializing a dog can be much more difficult, so starting young is essential.
  •  The socialization period for a puppy ends at around 16 weeks of age. This doesn’t mean that your job is done when they hit 16 weeks, at 16 weeks the puppy must continue socialization to refine their social skills. While you are busy at work all day, we can help give them critically important socialization with other puppies.
  • Puppies can attend as young as 8 weeks old if they have their first set of shots and have a negative fecal exam. Our puppy room is located away from the adult daycare so that the puppies are not exposed to the adult dogs.

Adventure Den PupClub:
*   1,000 sqFt of daycare just for puppies age 2-6 months (depending on size!)
*   Lots of play and exercise with other friendly puppies*   Lots of toys to play with
*   Nap times on comfy beds and crates  
*   Never ending love and cuddles from our staff!