Cat Services

Cats have their own hotel upstairs away from the dogs. Their suites are 7ft tall with multiple levels for them to explore and hide to feel safe. Cats are let out to explore the room and play wall, which is filled with bridges, hammocks, scratching posts and a cat wheel.



2-4 Nights: $36.38 a night

Additional Cats in same suite $21 per cat

4-8 Nights: 5% Discount

8-15 Nights: 10% Discount

15 Nights: 15% Discount

XMAS & NYE Rates extra $9 a night.



Our Groomer is able to do sanitary trims and dry baths with moisterizing treatments for cats. This also includes a brushout during those shedding months.


Dry Foam Bath & Refresh         $45 (Short)
Dry Foam Bath & Refresh         $65 (Long)
Sanitary Trim                             $75
Tummy and Sanitary                $85

Additional Options
Deshedding add on                     $10 per 15mins
Nail trim only                              $20